If you are in search of a proper alternative you can use to the unity candle ceremony, therefore, you may need to think about the unity sand ceremony. Both these two ceremonies symbolizes the union of the groom as well as the bride's lives. When it comes to the unity candle ceremony, the couple lights a big unity candle at the same time using their own lit candles. And for the wedding unity sand castle, a bigger will be used where the couple will combine their vases of sand. For lots of couples out there who intend to have a wedding ceremony outdoors, they are choosing wedding unity sand ceremony instead of unity candle ceremony as with the former, they will not need to worry about the probability of any wind in the area extinguish the candles.


At the moment, there are a lot of variations when it comes to wedding unity sand ceremony. Then again, the most important consist of three vases. For the first vase, it will embody the bride, and the second vase will embody the groom, while their union is represented by the third vase. The vases of the bride and groom will be filled with diverse coloured sand. During the ceremony, the groom as well as the bride will empty the sand from their respective vases in the larger vase that signifies their union or marriage. The following combined sands is now going to signify their union or their marriage. To gain more knowledge on the benefits of wedding unity sand, go to


One more version of this type of ceremony will entail smaller vases children can use to pour sand into the third or main vase with the intention of representing a new and blended family. There is another version as well that involve symbolic sand which is added to the largest or the unity vase that can signify the spiritual beliefs of the couple. You might encounter grooms and brides who preferred leaving a bit of sand in their individual vases to stand for their individuality, learn more here!



In the present day, you will surely find diverse kinds of wedding unity sand ceremony vases. It is essential that you will select the appropriate design for the vases you will use, in this manner, you are assured that they will perfectly match your chosen motif for you upcoming wedding. You also have the option of having your vases engraved. You can include simple engravings such as your name and the name of your fiance or your initials along with the date of the wedding will already be enough. After your wedding, you have the option of displaying these vases inside your house and they will act as reminder of the commitment, the love, as well as the promises mutually shared on that very magical day, click here to get started! 


You're planning to have a ceremony that would include anything that have something to do with the beach, then you are wondering if there is a wedding ceremony idea with the sand,  then it is positive.  There is a wedding ceremony named the wedding unity sand that will be able to help To be able to capture the  true meaning of the two lives which is now becoming one and at the same time it will create a very long keepsaking in terms of your ceremony .


 The scripture saying that the ?nd the two shall now become one"can be a very familiar passage and it can only be symbolized by the lighting with the candles in unity together. Traditionally, the parents of each of the individual who lights the candle represent the groom and the bride's family.  The bride and groom will be able to use the candle that is light by their parents  to be able to light the larger one because it was significant of the Families into one.  With  the help of the sand ceremony, the glassware,  all those vials,  will be able to signify in the uniting couple as their individual lives being symbolized by the two individuals  lives being the individual vials of sand at the very start of the service.   After the exchange of the rings of the couple it can now be an official explanation of the true meaning of the unity ceremony and the couple are now in union together and they can now put the larger vials and also the beautiful sand right into the glassware of the sand ceremony at and the overflowing of the different colors that may also symbolize the newly formed and also the intertwined unity of the couple.


aside from That , the sands  has also many attributes  that will be able to make it very perfect symbolization of the unity and love.  Those couples who are in love with each other can be able to signify like the grains of the sand at that is beyond measure and it is also timeless.  If the sand from the jar is being poured right into the another, then it will now become forever indistinguishable to live together as one.  They also will come together and they can also never be separated together in demonstrating the lasting love of the couple that will always remain until the very end of the time.  Aside from that, the blending of oneself will occur with the other and also the sharing of the goals, ideas, and also the personalities that will certainly occur into the couple.

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Two different families are joined by the symbol of unity candle during the marriage of their children.  This symbol has lasted over many years.  However, there has been a change in tradition as more couples have blended families with more than one set of parents.   Most of the ceremony the step parents are the ones that are present. Developing your particular way to comprise all the family contributors in lighting fixtures the two candles can be a pleasant choice.  The main purpose of this approach is to bring the family together. 


Majority  of the couples opt to have The Sand rite in preference to lights of the harmony candle.   Some people have never heard this type of ceremony.  Typically the sand ceremony at is frequently used during beach wedding.


This the specific ceremony is accomplished by positioning a table near the front of the ceremony site.  This the table may be adorned along with your wedding subject in thoughts.  A vase is then placed at the center of the table. 


Setting a vase on the center of the table is the only traditional a part of the ceremony.  This the unique vase will maintain the items or participation from every unique character.


Generally, the couples will pick two colors of sand at, one for the bride's family and one for the groom's.  However, each parent will then walk down the aisle, he or she will walk to the sand desk and pour in a small quantity of their color sand. 


When these shades alternate, it symbolizes the joining of families typically.  The small containers can usually are carried by the new bride or bride groom as well as by the parent. To read more on the importance of wedding unity sand, check out


Someone may pick the containers typically around the unity flower vase on the table.  Many couples also include their grandparents into the rite, whether or not present or not with us. 


When the couples determine that they'll encompass each generation represented, they must incorporate a small container.  The the container will represent the grandparents. 


When the parents are seated, the celebration of marriage will proceed. When the ceremony is about to end, the couples will pour the remaining sand.   The remaining two containers will in the unity vase and be sealed by the couples.  In case the couples are having a religious ceremony, they can ask to have the vase blessed. 



Unity candle usually represents that the two families are now one, so will the unity vase.  The bride and groom will have a beautiful, cherished gift from their wedding ceremony to display long after the celebration is over.


For some years now, sand wedding unity ceremony was a lover of many, with its unique process and the rare delight it brings in the marriage procedure. It allows the couples to commit themselves in marriage in an exciting and serious manner. The simplistic nature of this idea revolves around choice of a sand colour and taking turns to pour the colored sand into a boat. This symbolizes the unity of two families or individuals in love, proclaiming their commitment to the course. In some instances, the children of the couple or the parents of the couple are involved, each pouring a colored sand of their own choice into the vessel. This adds a special coating of sand depicting the peace and stability of the family all together. After sand has been poured into the vase, the couples light a candle in the middle of the sand, which will later be blown out. The resultant product will then be stored as a symbol of your family's commitment to remain in peace and harmony. Planning the best wedding unity sand ceremony can be very challenging, more so, if you have very little understanding of how to go about doing it. Use the suggestions below to plan the best wedding unity sand ceremony.


It is wise to begin by clearly stating the parties to be actively involved in the process of pouring sand into the vessel. You can decide to be only the couple or include your parents and children in the process. This will guarantee that every party chooses a colour that is not like another persons. To add on this, you will define the order on which individual will pour their sand into the vase.


Time and location of the wedding unity sand ceremony at is very important when you're looking forward for a successful ceremony. There are many places that you can pick from, beginning with the shore side, to your hotel with an excellent service. Pick a location that will accommodate all the people that you will invite and it should be easily accessible. This will guarantee that every individual has enough space to move and entertain him or herself.


Research is also important and having all the necessary equipment to hold a successful wedding unity sand ceremony. Some significant measures are supposed to be followed when planning a wedding Unity Sand ceremony. You need to run a comprehensive research to find out about such steps. Additionally, you have to make sure that you get all the necessary equipment to be used during the service. For instance, you have to get all the tubes for pouring sand into the vase for each party involved.



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 During your special day, when you would celebrate the combining of your lives together, you may like a special ritual that will specialize your new unity. There are a lot of couples that opt for such unity candle and this has become quite common in the present years. You have to know that there is another great idea for the park, beach or a garden wedding. This is certainly the Unity Sand ceremony.


Know that such ceremony is very simple as well as very beautiful. What you will need are three nicely-shaped clear glass bowls. Using those vases can also be a fantastic idea. You can either purchase the black and the white sand or you can have two other complementary colors. Perhaps, you may have such that you use during your wedding. There is also such color sand which you can easily buy at the stores which sell aquariums, the craft stores and garden shops. What you will then have to do is to put those bowls or vases side by side. The groom is going to pour a color of sand into the vessels while the bride is going to pour the color into a different one. Together, they will then have to pour sand in the center bowl and create such beautiful design. The vases or the side bowls may then be filled with flowers or could be topped with such colored stones and also become a part of the decoration in the reception. The center container would be kept as a souvenir for the groom and bride.


When the groom and bride have kids, then the children may have such Unity Sand wedding sand ceremony bowls and they can add to such center vessel along with the bride and the groom. This ceremony is something inexpensive and will surely provide extra sweetness to such wonderful occasion.


Well, this ceremony may be practiced. It is a great idea for you to purchase extra sand before the unity sand ceremony that will let the groom, bride and others practice how such ceremony should be carried out. Through such, the errors will be eliminated and you will have that perfect sand ceremony. You should know that practicing this ceremony will le the couple focus on the real meaning of such ceremony during the actual wedding day, rather than worry about making a mess on such part of the big day. If you want to learn more about wedding unity sand, you can visit



To be sure that the details of the wedding sand would seamlessly blend into the entire wedding ritual, then you may meet and also discuss the sand ceremony details with the wedding coordinator or the wedding planner.